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Kei Nishida, PMP is a Former Hewlett Packard Software Engineer with a passion to green tea and coffee. He is the founder of and the author of multiple books and blogs. His blog Japanese Green Tea and Health provides health related tips and research findings focusing on green tea and its health benefit in variety of ways. Kei is the author of multiple books including I Will Teach You How to be Healthy by Using Japanese Green Tea: Surprising Facts and Tips for How You can Take Best Advantage of This Amazing Plant.  In this book he demonstrates the various uses for this miracle plant and explains the various properties within green tea that makes it an anti-cancer powerhouse and more. Readers will learn everything from how to brew it properly to making aromatherapy oils from its leaves. It’s not just a book about tea, it’s a book about living better. Kei grew up in Japan and moved to USA at the age of 14, now living in Portland, Oregon. Kei takes advantage of being bi-lingual of Japanese and English for his research and writing. Information you find in his blogs are combination of both best contents and researches from Japan and all around the world.

Another Green Tea Miracle: How Japanese Green Tea Can Cure Allergies

Allergies can really put a damper on everything. Even mild allergy symptoms can make it extremely difficult to get through the day. Although there’s an almost endless list of allergy

Drinking Green Tea On An Empty Stomach: Yay or Nay?

According to some sources, green tea is among the five most popular beverages in the world. Drinking green tea on an empty stomach might help people with different aspects of their health.

Shockingly Works – How to effectively use green tea for hang over!

We have all been there, a little too much? Try green tea for your next hangover!