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The 'Holistic' Issue

Alternative medicine is a growing industry, with people waking up to holistic ways to achieve optimal health.

'Live Your Truth' Issue

Living your truth can have many meanings.   This issue highlights interpretations from the most influential icons in the music and yoga industries.

'Family + Pregnancy' Issue

Focusing on family, this issue dives into a wide range of tips and topics that will benefit and relate to the whole family.

'Awakening' Issue

Awakening can mean many things to everybody.   We cover all the aspects of awakening with a wide-range of articles aimed to find your true calling.

'Inspirational Leaders' Issue

Inspiring leaders live on for generations.   We cover some of the most inspiration leaders of our time as they share their wisdom and passion for a better world.

'Celebration' Issue

It’s our 1 year anniversary issue! We celebrate with Jason Mraz and other celebratory topics that will leave you celebrating your life.

'Yoga for Athletes' Issue

Athletes of all levels are turning to yoga in the masses.   The top athletes in the world share how yoga helps them perform at the top of their game.

'Familly Wellness' Issue

The Two Fit Mom’s share their family stories as this issue covers various topics about wellness in your family.

'Adventurous Yogi' Issue

Yogi’s are adventure seekers and explorers. We interviewed some of the wildest adventure enthusiasts to get your adrenaline flowing.

'Yoga & Healing' Issue

Yoga heals in so many ways.   Ask anyone who practices yoga and you’ll get a different answer from all.   This issue features expert yogi’s digging into how yoga heals.

'Finding Balance' Issue

Life is all about balance.   Sounds easier then it is.   We cover various topics about balance and how it pertains to so many different lifestyle topics.

Inaugural 'Gratitude' Issue

This is where it all began for Yoga Digest Magazine.   Our first issue was a little rusty but relates to gratitude with various top yogi’s.