Do You Keep Waking Up At 3:33am Or Seeing 11:11 Everywhere?

Do You Keep Waking Up At 3:33am Or Seeing 11:11 Everywhere?

In the past few months, I have upped the amount of meditation I have been doing in the morning. I have always been an avid meditator, but in the past few months, I have felt a calling to meditate every morning for an hour in silence. It has been something that has absolutely changed my body, mind, and spirit in every which way possible.


I wanted to share one change that has been really apparent. The minute I started meditating really consistently every morning, I started noticing the coincidence of repeating numbers everywhere. At first it was 11:11am over and over again. I mean, I wouldn’t be thinking about the time at all, and all of a sudden, I would look up and see 11:11am on the clock counter. Or on the car’s dashboard. Or on my laptop. Or on the clock tower next to my house.


It was eerie at first to see that particular number. It actually freaked me out a bit. I wondered to myself what message was the universe trying to send me. And then, I realized that it was just a sign that I was in alignment with everything that I wanted to do and the universe was sending me a signal.


As soon as I relaxed about it, and took it as a positive sign, more repeating numbers started making their way into my life – 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 were the other most common ones. These repeating numbers kind of became a balm to my soul – making me realize that there is something more to this world than meets the physical eye and I am not alone.


More recently, I have started waking up at particular repeating numbers times. So I will wake up wide awake in the middle of the night, check the time, and lo and behold, it’s 3:33am. Again, extremely scary at first. But made me realize that it is a sign that I am in contact with the universe or whatever higher power you believe in.


It made me realize that I am on the right path with my goals, aspirations, and ideas. I just need to keep on going on my path as the universe is telling me I am right and I am aligned.


The interesting thing is that so many people have been coming to me telling me of their experience with repeating numbers. They keep on seeing 11:11am everywhere (that is the first sign that you are in alignment or in communion with the universe), and they freak out about it.


I want to tell everyone who is seeing these numbers, not to worry. It is just a sign from the universe and you should be taking it as a good thing. All of the work that you are doing on yourself, and on your spirit is finally paying off in the form of this signal.


I know that my meditation practice had a lot to do with these signals. Any kind of communion with the universe, in the form of prayer, meditation, mindfulness, present moment awareness, yoga, tantra, chanting, or a myriad other number of practices, will cause you to start seeing these repeating numbers.

Do not panic. Relax. And be grateful for you are in alignment and the universe is letting you know that.