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Emily Ridout is a professional AstroYoga specialist, folklorist, yoga teacher, and astrologer. Ridout teaches her clients and students how to understand the astrology of their physical and energetic bodies in a way that radically empowers them to heal trauma, move through challenge, and create optimum mental/physical wellbeing. Ridout has cultivated her AstroYoga techniques for over a decade and instructs classes, workshops, teacher trainings, and private sessions. She has been featured in Reader’s Digest, InStyle, Well + Good, and MindBodyGreen. Ridout offers Astro Memberships as well as continuing education in AstroYoga for yoga teachers working on advanced certification.

What is AstroYoga? Your go-to guide

What is your zodiac sign? What does it mean about who you are? You’ve probably already got some ideas about that. However, what most yoga practitioners don’t realize is that zodiac signs