FulHum Zero Calorie Electrolyte Drink Mix Sachets

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FulHum replaces trace minerals missing from our modern diets. Doctors and scientists worldwide believe that the lack of trace minerals and co-factors for ezymes in modern diets contribute to chronic and unexplained diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, autism, and autoimmune diseases.. Without trace minerals and strong antioxidants like fulvic acid, the immune system cannot fight off disease or properly utilize the key vitamins and nutrients your body needs. It is made from 100% natural purified water, with NO additives, NO colors, NO sugars, NO chemicals, and NO artificial ingredients. It has a combination of up to 70 trace minerals, a +9pH, naturally occurring electrolytes, antioxidants and micro nutrients along with some of the richest and purest form of Fulvic & Humic compounds. Enter promo code:  LETSYOGA for 50% off your purchase!