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Emotional expert and YouTube sensation Teal Swan was born highly intuitive. A survivor of ritual sexual abuse and torture, she now travels the world teaching others how to heal by discovering and owning their self-worth and self-love. Her new Hay House Publishing book, “Shadows Before Dawn: Finding the Light of Self-Love Through Your Darkest Times,” is a beacon of hope for anyone who has suffered trauma, struggled with fear or who lost touch with their authentic emotional self. Teal Swan is the founder of Teal Eye, LLC and the accompanying nonprofit, Headway Foundation. Her vision is to enable everyone on earth to live free, joyous and healthy lives and she is determined to make that vision a reality. For more information, visit

Lessons on Emotions and Parenting from “Inside Out”

In today’s world, most parenting advice ignores the world of emotion entirely. It focuses on how to correct misbehavior whilst disregarding the feelings that underlie and cause the misbehavior. Regardless

6 Tips For Surviving the Emotional Dark Age

Body, mind and soul, this triad has long been considered the pillars of a complete life. But what if we got it wrong? When we think of soul, most of