You’re Beautifully Broken, Embrace It

by Cody Mitchell | December 13, 2017 12:38 am

We are all beautifully broken in our own abstract way. When you look at yourself do you see beauty? If not you have not truly embraced this beauty, look again. You may be focusing on the broken person instead of embracing every moment in your life that has broken you down into this beautiful person in front of you. People like to tell their stories of tragedy and use that as a way to define their own internal “brokenness. ”

They get hung up on “oh why me? “, ” I will never be beautiful because the scars are too deep, ” and the best excuse ever ” I’m simply just messed up and will never find myself because of it. ” We have all been there and used these debilitating phrases to hinder us from being that beautifully broken person on the inside.

When I packed my 2010 Honda Civic almost two years ago and moved to CA, I began to look deep into the “broken ” person I was at the time. For the next six months, I had to accept who I was at that moment while I slept out of my car.

During these six months, I learned a very valuable lesson. I learned that I was beautiful even though I considered myself internally broken. I even began a morning mantra as I stepped out of my car. I would tell myself ” you are beautiful, life is beautiful, and embrace everything who you are in this moment, even the broken aspects, ”

Once you begin to approach life through beauty everything just begins to flow. Every time something bad happens it doesn’t even matter anymore. You just embrace it and even fall in love with the moment. You begin to appreciate your past because without those moments of being broken you would never be able to construct the person in front of you.

The only way to begin this process is to simply embrace who you are in this present moment. From there give thanks to anything that has ever happened in your life that has made you feel broken. Find a daily practice to help cultivate a union between the beauty you are and those past moments. I have found yoga, working out and writing are ways for me to cultivate continual beauty. It’s a daily practice in itself to always view life as beautiful. Once you start, you attract other beautiful people and opportunities in your life. You also become a walking inspiration for others.

So in conclusion, embrace your brokenness because without it you could not be this beautiful person now. Start to put in the work and soon you will be able to walk around continually spreading the beauty of who you are. People will fall in love with you and at first it will be overwhelming. Eventually you will learn how to give that love back and it will be a normal occurrence for you. You will also hold yourself more accountable and stop taking things so personal. Embrace your broken beauty and spread good vibrations.

Peace and love.

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