Yoga Digest Now Podcast – JP Sears

by Jenn Bodnar | July 17, 2017 5:54 pm

Well known for his satires on conscious and mindful living, emotional healing coach, JP Sears is attracting the attention of millions through his “Awaken With JP” videos on You Tube.     Though he has gained a cult following through his parodies on topics like being vegan, ultra spiritual and how to take good Instagram photos, Sears is a dedicated and intelligent student of life with a keen sense of business and success.

In this episode,   we have a heart to heart about how he balances sincerity and humor,   stays inspired to coach his clients, millennials, his new book “How to Be Ultra Spiritual” and Goat Yoga.   Spears has a way of saying things most of us couldn’t get away with.   He’s humble, articulate and accurate.   Listen to the full podcast to see what other tricks and treats Spears has up the sleeve of his holy robe.

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