Yoga Beyond the Physical Part Two

by Jean Wilbert | September 6, 2018 1:36 am

Metaphysics means “beyond the physical. ”   It is a blend of science, religion, and philosophy. It covers all forms of the universe and its beautiful functions. It is the universal knowledge within. So how do we tie that into our yoga practice?

To achieve spiritual growth we have to come from a place of nonjudgement, no fear and no misconceptions in life.

How do we do that? Go deeper within the self.

When you arrive on your mat one of the first things your yoga teacher says   is to notice your breath.

“Consciously breathe. ”

Your breath brings you to the present moment and once you switch that ‘on’ button you begin to notice thought and you begin to feel.

When we begin to feel that’s when the work begins. Our emotions either get in our way or guide us to the light. When our shadow self comes up, however,   we begin to get tense or distracted. We lose the present moment. The shadow self takes control of the mind and body and breath begins to change. It becomes ridged and short. We then have a choice to make.   We can ignore it, just like we do off the mat or we can turn inward and listen to the teacher within and start to change the patterns that have been stealing the our authentic self away.

The best way to heal yourself and have spiritual growth is to find your true essence under the judgment, fear and masking we do to fit in. Whatever you do off the mat, you do on the mat. The difference is, on the mat there is time to do the work, to listen to the nonsense and do something about it. Change happens when you have an open heart and you know the shadows are not you.   When you experience truth, you then physically begin to feel different. You become lighter within and your spirit begins to shine.

Turning inward is key for growth. We return to our true self.

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