5 Wellness Trends We Are Loving Right Now!

by Yoga Digest | May 19, 2018 5:34 pm

With so many options out there, we want to do the work for you. That’s right.  Take a load off. We know you already have so much on your plate.  It is May after all!  Each month we share the latest and greatest ideas to help you lead a joy filled life. Whether you want to plan a getaway that’s fun and healthy,  do a deep cleanse that won’t leave you drained, revamp your workout attire without breaking the bank,  add a healthy new age beverage to your repertoire or  enjoy a laugh while learning mindfulness, we are here to give you insight on some of the latest and greatest trends out there right now!

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Simples Tonics


Plant Based Tonic

The Rose tonic by Simples, also known as the Elevator is the perfect refreshing and nourishing summer beverage.  The tonic is made with precious Bulgarian rose water which embodies the essence of thousands of roses.  This gentle and soothing tonic is at once uplifting and aids in balancing our mood and nourishing the soul.  As the highest vibrational plant on the planet, the delicate rose intoxicates us with her fabled aroma, power and beauty.  This one-of-kind tonic will be your summer go-to and ultimate mood enhancer.



Athletic Clothing

Yogaletics Wear was created by two childhood friends.  Monroe, is an ex-private banker turned yogi and Bayard, a zealous runner who has been in the sporting business for over 25 years.  They were both fed up with paying high prices for cheap quality athletic clothing.  Together  started Yogaletics Wear which promises to be made with the highest quality and “real” bodies in mind.  They offer sizes XS to 6X because they believe everyone should be entitled to great comfort.

PushCatch Liver Detox


Cleansing Protocol

The PushCatchTM LiverDetox is a two-step cleansing protocol designed to support the elimination of toxins while minimizing their redistribution and reabsorption. Liver detoxication is essential for proper health, but improperly designed protocols can result in toxin redistribution, not elimination. Dr. Shade’s specialized “push and catch” system pushes toxins with a liposomal blend of bitters buttressed by powerful antioxidant support. The catch captures toxins in the gut with a broad- spectrum constellation of binders blended with prebiotic fibers. The toxins can then be safely eliminated by the body. Use code THRIVE (exp. 7/31/18) for a free sample of Thrivagen, a powerful herbal blend that increases your body’s resistance to stress.



Resort & Casino

Pechanga Resort Casino in Temecula, Calif., just completed a $300 million expansion making it the largest resort/casino on the West Coast. Pechanga guests approachable luxury with subtle elements of the Tribe’s Native heritage woven into architectural and resort experiences. This major expansion added 568 rooms and suites, which more than doubled the size of the resort, a 4.5-acre pool complex, two additional restaurants, a two-level luxury spa with fitness and yoga studio, and another 68,000 square feet of meeting and event space including the 40,000 square foot Pechanga Summit event center.

Wholesome Foods I Love You, Is That OK?


Original Comedy Series

Wholesome Foods, I Love You… Is That OK? – a new comedy series for the ultra health-conscious – aims to offer up a little healing with its snappy jokes and offbeat charm. The story follows Julia, a neurotic yoga teacher who sets out in search of love… at her favorite organic supermarket. The predominantly female characters are real, messy, vulnerable, and incredibly relatable. “A coming of age story – for people of a certain age”, the series reminds us all that love, laughter, and a willingness to take risks are the best remedies of all.

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