The Sound of Silence – 2 Reasons to Try Sound Off Yoga

by Jenn Bodnar | March 9, 2019 4:21 pm

Perhaps you have seen the photos and videos; people doing yoga with glowing headphones and a hip DJ in a dark room or at a park?   Welcome to world of

This latest and greatest trend combines cutting edge technology and ancient tradition, creating a silent yoga class that isn’t silent at all. Participants wear wireless headphones. Everyone can hear the same music and guided instruction, just as they could live or through speakers, but instead by way of their own personal bluetooth headsets.

What can you expect?   An experience that is both social and intimate.

Here are a 3 reasons to give this revolutionary yoga class a try:

1) Turn OFF the outside, turn ON the inside.   Being present is the greatest challenge in any yoga class setting.   With the Sound Off Yoga experience, there is no need to be distracted by where the teacher is and not being able to see or hear what’s going on. You will hear every cue as if they were speaking right next to you, directly to you, the entire time. Your headphones will eliminate disturbances like chatter, fire trucks, late comers and the sneeze that got away.

2) Connect at a whole new level. There is great fulfillment in trying something unique, edgy and unconventional.   When you do this in a group it only magnifies.   Community is a huge part of yoga! Coming together and diving deep into sensation and sound will leave you feeling liberated and united at the same time.   Imagine the person with headphones on singing loudly and confidently as the sound in their ears drowns out their own voice.   Sound Off Yoga let’s you dance (or yoga) like no one is watching!

Check our and follow one of our favorite Sound Off Yoga DJs, to find a class near you!

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