The Power of Pause

by Rene Hawthorne | March 8, 2019 3:30 am

Discovering that state of mind that exists in between, as I sometimes refer to metaphorically as the yellow light, can be a powerful and enlightening moment. Our society values being busy and equates it to success to such an extent that we put ourselves and our lives at risk. There’s so much rushing around that we’re constantly trying to speed up and then we’re unable to slow down and unwind when the time comes. And when we actually do pause, there is space here we are not accustomed to. It makes us uncomfortable.

Yoga is a wonderful way to experience and play with that space in time called pause. When we practice yoga we learn to accept ourselves in the pause moment within a pose. During a vinyasa flow, pause is the momentous force that takes us beyond our edge. And that pause within our pranayama breath cycle shows us that there is enormous potential within ourselves. That moment of anticipation is the point of possibility.

Learning to be curious here instead of panicking is critical. Some people want to rush past this opportunity of the pause to get to what’s next, some are anxious and shy away from the unknown. This moment, suspended in time, is crucial to slow down and observe. We must be curious about what comes next, not knowing why or how, so we can be open to possibilities. It’s a time for bringing in peace and compassion when the world is moving fast. It helps us to gain insight so we can move forward with knowledge and a mutual appreciation for others. It’s a miracle moment where we stop and make a wise choice.

Even our breathing cycle pauses in between the inhales and exhales. The breath is a living connection with the external world, slow that pause part of the breath to savor the quiet mind and heart. Knowing that there is a pause coming can be motivating and uplifting and being mindful can help us recognize those moments. The ultimate shift is when we realize that pausing is the goal!

Pause and take a breath, reframe your mind. Pausing is a simple tool to help add gratitude, awareness and meaningful moments to your busy life. There are endless opportunities for pause. Move in and out of life practicing the art of residing in and playing with the pause. There is power in the pause, awareness of subtle energy around you and within you. Pause, inhale, pause, exhale – repeat. Embrace the pause, embrace the possibility.

‘Where motion ceases, God begins.’ Paramhansa Yogananda

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