Summer Time Ayurveda Wellness & Digestion Tips

by Kali Bliss | July 3, 2016 2:13 pm

The summer season inspires us to get outside more, play in nature, and have more fun! Often it is the season where we let loose, work less, and choose to socialize and engage more with others. We feel the summer heat waves immediately call us to take more time to cool down by the water or take a vacation for some extra relaxation and ease. From an Ayurveda perspective, the best thing you can do during the hotter months of July- October, is take more time for you, to self nurture, calm down, and create more time for love and meaningful connections. It is the season that helps us come alive and transform in many ways.   Summer time grants us new energy to revitalize ourselves.

Summer relates to the element of fire, which governs the Pitta dosha in Ayurveda. It is important to find good balance during the hotter months of the year with better self care and mindful approaches. Often the seasonal shifts and extreme weather can greatly imbalance our minds and bodies and cause our digestive fire to weaken. You can avoid gaining weight and learn to adapt new health routines during the Summer to help pacify the Pitta energy of the season. Ayurveda says that like increases like. Since the energy of Pitta is already naturally fiery, adding more heat during this time of year can cause more anger, irritability, aggressive behavior, weight gain, and more.

Pitta governs metabolism and digestive functions in the body. During the Summer we can actually live with less food intake. Often eating too much or eating foods that add more heat to the body can cause digestive issues, constipation, inflammation, dehydration, and heartburn. Pitta problems can manifest through excessive sweating, rashes, IBS, bloating, and other stomach problems. If you have low energy this time of year, be sure to adapt new approaches to your wellness regime. Summer is when we naturally have the most drive and power to feel good, have fun, and sustain enough energy to make the most of each day. Practicing some simple new habits can help you enjoy summer and inspire you to live healthier.

Stay cool and calm during the Summer and pacify pitta with these ayurveda tips:

  1. Decrease your coffee and caffeine intake.
  2. Choose more raw and green vegetables
  3. Drink more water and cooling juices and natural liquids
  4. Load up on organic tea
  5. Rise and shine earlier and enjoy waking up with the sun
  6. Utilize the sun’s powerful energy with walks in nature
  7. Enjoy your local farmers market for the best organic produce
  8. Swim and splash in water often
  9. Eat more watermelon
  10. Avoid spicy and heavy foods
  11. Limit your alcohol intake, especially daytime drinking
  12. Do more gentle exercise routines and adapt to relaxed yoga styles
  13. Enjoy cold showers to cool your body

Enjoy moderation in everything you do during the Summer. Be mindful of what you eat, how you socialize, your reactions, and your own self care. It is important to watch your digestion and how your body is functioning. If something is not helping you feel energized and empowered, try something different.

Summer is the easiest time to cleanse, eat less, and let your body reform with purification practices that help digestion. The sun’s high energy can heal us all and the extreme heat can suppress hunger and give our bodies time to detoxify with more water and lighter foods.

Take time to find balance for your own energetic needs and calm your mind daily to reduce extreme stress and anxiety. The heat can rattle us all.   Although it is bathing suit season, working out too hard can actually be taxing on your body and can cause excess sweat and heat. Usually organs function better with calmer practices like meditation and breathing that cool your whole system down. The breath is a powerful tool that can calm nerves, enhance circulation, reform your metabolism and improve digestion, which counters the extreme Pitta qualities.The happier and calmer you can sustain yourself, the less hungry you will feel, and you can have more energy to play and enjoy the nice Summer weather!

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