Summer Solstice, 2017

by DeAnna Shires | June 16, 2017 1:52 pm

With the Northern Hemisphere’s arrival of the Summer Solstice between June 20 and June 21st 2017, depending on where you happen to be on planet Earth, it’s time to celebrate the longest day of the year, the first day of summer, and perhaps contemplate the power of the Sun. While most of us recognize the Sun as a powerful force of nature, a gargantuan, blazing, star giving us life (and sunburns), the Vedas (ancient texts of India) speak of the inner light or sun within our spiritual heart. The Sun helps us realize our true nature, illuminating parts of ourselves that may lie hidden and dormant in the dark. Albert Camus wrote, “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. ” That sounds rather relatable, so let’s go with that as an analogy.

In Vedic Astrology   (), the Sun represents our Soul, yang/masculine energy, movement, respect, will power, status, ego, and/or charismatic personality. When balanced, we use our Sun energy for the benefit of others (Yay!), when unbalanced, the heat may come back to burn us (Boooooo). To give us some direction for this year’s summer solstice, it requires us to consider which sign the Sun is in during this time period. Keep in mind, individual charts vary, so this is a simplified explanation on a more “universal ” level.

The Sun entered Gemini on the 15th of June and will remain there until the 16th of July. Gemini is ruled by planet Mercury (planet of communication, travel, education, intellect) and is an air sign. Gemini seeks change, excitement, movement, and invention, can be fun, but may be unreliable. So what does this mean when all these situations collide, throwing a party in the universe and your life?   You may feel the desire to travel, learn something new, become innovative, and/or go out and play with your friends way more. You may feel the need to move more often than usual, putting your energy into something more productive, making favorite sedentary pastimes like Netflix binges less appealing, so I hope you finished season five of Orange is the New Black already.

However, remember it is important to remain balanced, making sure these activities serve more than your individual Ego’s needs and desires. Do inventory of how you spend this extra energy. Be realistic. Make sure your actions are beneficial to the greater good. This can help you from getting burned. For example, if you feel the need to learn something new and feel excited about plumbing, though you’ve never dabbled in this area, be realistic regarding your skill set and time you have to invest. You wouldn’t want to start experimenting and shut down your family’s bathroom. That would stink for everyone.

Use this Summer Solstice to harness your energy for something benefiting the greater good. Write a blog on a cause that is important to you. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Take a mini road trip. Learn a skill your Soul longs for, but you’ve denied yourself for whatever reason. Whatever you do,   follow it through to your fullest.

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