Sexiest Dr. Alive Reveals How Not To Get Sick

by Jenn Bodnar | December 1, 2017 12:38 am

Dr. Mikhail Varshavski D.O., better known as “Doctor Mike, ” is a New York based doctor focusing on family and preventative medicine. He stresses the importance of preventative medicine to members of the public, and makes it understandable for all. To Doctor Mike, health comes first in your life.

In a recent interview with Dr. Mike, both funny and smart, he shares why cold weather makes us more susceptible to illness and how to overcome getting sick with some very simple tips:

1 ) Bundle up when it’s cold outside.

Why Cold Weather Weakens Immunity.   Dr. Mike says we are more likely to get sick in the cold weather for a few reasons.   One is the air is dryer, having less humidity and allows germs to hang around for a longer period of time.   The medical community calls it “germ hang time.” Another is that people tend to spend more time indoors, meaning closer proximity to one another and a higher chance of spreading germs.

The main reason Dr. Mike believes we are more prone to illness in winter is just science!   He says majority of bacteria and viruses in the body live within the mucus membranes.   When you’re cold, your body’s natural reaction is to redirect the blood away from these membranes, the nose and mouth area, into the core of the body.   It’s a survival mechanism. With the lack of protective white blood cells in the area, there is a slight increase in getting sick.

The first step to avoid getting sick is to stay warm.   If there is bacteria lingering in your body you can fight it from spreading by taking this simple preventative measure.   Turns out, grandma was right on this one!

2. Stock up on honey, it’s better than medicine.

Dr. Mike says that there is evidence based research proving that honey can control and soothe a cough equal to or even better than some over the counter medications. The fact that it’s natural means you won’t get the side effects medicine can cause.   He says it’s his go to when someone is sick.   Research has also shown that honey aids in healing the skin physically.   Specifically, manuka honey is used in hospitals as an antibacterial topical for open wounds in diabetes patients. Any honey will do the job.   Some people talk about local honey being better, however, Dr. Mike has seen no research on that topic.

Keep the pantry stocked with honey year round.   Take it with your tea when a cough or cold comes on.

3. Make stress your friend

Why stress makes you sick:   Short term stress is necessary in our lives, it can create the necessary fight or flight response we need to live, says Dr. Mike.   “Short term stress is a positive thing, it increases heart rate, it makes your brain fire faster that keeps you alive” he says. Long term stress on the other hand, causes us to stay in fight or flight mode, where you’re not resting well or digesting properly.

Short term stress like exercise can be good and boosts your immune system.   “When you have long term stress you create a shortage of white blood cells and reduce the amount of cortisol production which hampers the way your cells respond to a foreign body” says Dr. Mike.   Your body will keep pushing at this rate and release hormones to “keep you going.”   The problem is, once you do relax, the hormones go away and the protection is no longer there.   Dr. Mike says this is why people get sick when their on vacation.

Final tip from the most followed doctor in the industry: make stress your friend.   Find flow.   For instance, in a game of basketball, where you want to win, you need a certain amount of stress, but you are driven and motivated by doing something you enjoy so it is a healthy stress you experience. Likewise, active people should not overdue exercise when they feel illness coming on for the very same reasons.

While People Magazine’s   says he does yoga but not as much he should, he agrees it certainly is a great way stress less, get some exercise and find flow.

Doctor Mike started documenting his medical journey through his popular social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, but most importantly,  He uses his social media influence to motivate students from all over the world to pursue their medical training and educating them on primary healthcare topics with a unique approach.

In addition to his social media entrepreneurship, Doctor Mike launched his own charity, ‘The Limitless Tomorrow Foundation (LTF). ” Established in late 2015, LTF aims to break the financial barrier for unique and capable individuals in order to achieve their unique goals. The foundation seeks to empower candidates to reach their full potential, explore the world and conquer their hardships. Aside from to his own foundation, Doctor Mike has been involved with other philanthropic endeavors including Stand Up For Cancer, AmeriCares and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.



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