Ready To Teach – 60 Minute Vinyasa Class – Focus: Twisting

by Anga Biel | September 14, 2015 11:33 pm

Yoga sequencing can be the most time-intensive and challenging part of our job as yoga teachers. We are responsible for ensuring that a vinyasa class is anatomically sound and safe. Whether instructors new to teaching yoga or have years’ worth of experience, it takes energy and time to create a great vinyasa class sequence.

When I plan a vinyasa class, I plan it to teach to a focus or peak posture. It is essential to then practice the sequence and feel it in my body, to imagine at the same time what it feels like in a beginner student’s body and the props and tools I can give them to make it accessible. Then consideration must be placed on timing and breath. All of my sequencing remains focused on simplicity and safety.   Use about 3 rounds of pranayama breath for each pose the first time through.  Repeat with the guided one breath to one movement flow a couple of times.  This class focuses on twisting and getting deeper as the sequence progresses.  Enjoy!

Ready To Teach:  Twisting Sequence

1.  Getting started:  take several deep breaths in each pose. (about 8 minutes)
Child’s pose
Downward dog
Forward Fold
Equal standing or mountain pose

2.  Sun Salutation A (about 5 minutes)
(inhale) mountain pose
(exhale) standing forward bend
(inhale) half way lift
(exhale) low plank/chaturanga
(inhale) upward facing dog
(exhale) downward facing dog ( 3 breaths)

Repeat Sun A 2 more times.

3.  Sun Salutation B (about 10 minutes)
(inhale) chair pose
(exhale) open arm twist to the right
(inhale) chair pose
(exhale) open arm twist to the left
(inhale) chair pose
(exhale) standing forward bend
(inhale) half way lift
(exhale) low plank/chataranga
(inhale) upward facing dog
(exhale) downward facing dog

Set up flow (right side then left side):
(exhale) low lunge
(inhale) low lunge – twist right & lift right arm
(exhale) low lunge
(inhale) crescent lunge
(exhale) warrior 2
(inhale) reverse warrior
Flow 2 to 3 times with breath through Sun B
CHILD’S POSE (minimum 3 breaths)

4.  1st Series (about 10 minutes)
(inhale) chair
(exhale) prayer twist (minimum 3 breaths)
Release: forward bend
(exhale) low lunge right foot forward, left back
Standing straddle bend facing left (minimum 3 breaths)
rise up to stand
(exhale) 2nd warrior (minimum 2 breaths)
(exhale) extended side angle (minimum 5 breaths)
(inhale) reverse warrior
(exhale) FLOW to downward facing dog
Repeat 1st series on opposite side (optional bind in straddle bend on this side)
CHILD’S POSE (minimum 3 breaths)

5.  Inversion Series (about 2 minutes)
Crow Pose (5 breaths)
CHILD’S POSE  (5 breaths)

6.  2nd Series (about 10 minutes)
(exhale) low lunge
(exhale) open arm twist to the right
(inhale) maintain open arm twist, rise to crescent lunge with open arm twist
(inhale) reach forward
(exhale) revolving crescent lunge
Release: runner’s lunge with back knee to mat
FLOW to downward facing dog (use plank in transition)
Repeat 2nd series on opposite side
CHILD’S POSE (3 breaths)

7.  3rd Series (about 8 minutes)
(exhale) low lunge
(inhale) 2nd warrior
(exhale) balancing half-moon ( 5 breaths)
(inhale) 2nd warrior
FLOW to downward facing dog
Repeat 3rd series on opposite side

8.  Hips, Spine, and Close (about 7 minutes)
(exhale) sleeping pigeon pose (minimum 5 breaths)
Repeat on opposite side

(inhale) cobra pose (minimum 3 breaths)
Rest (3 breaths)
(inhale) locust pose with bound hands
Rest (3 breaths)
From seated: (exhale) seated forward fold ( 5 breaths)
Rise and then lower to back
(exhale) happy baby pose ( 5 breaths)
(exhale) supine spine twist (5 breaths)
Repeat on opposite side
Savasana (3 minutes)

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