Good Vibes Only: Harnessing the Positive Energies of a Full Moon

by Alexandra Leigh | March 5, 2015 2:24 am

There’s something about a full moon that gets the blood flowing. Whether you’re an astrological enthusiast who lives by the sun and loves by the moon, or a scholarly skeptic who’s just about had it with the all of this ‘new age hooey’, believe me when I say there is a way for anyone and everyone to take advantage of a new moon and the positive powers it possesses. In contrast to the multiple super moons experienced in the past year, on March 5th, Earth will experience a micro moon- the year’s farthest and smallest full moon. Yet super or micro, a full moon is a full moon and this week’s will be equally as powerful as it’s super moon counterparts.

Full moons amplify our emotions and it is not uncommon to feel a heightened sense of energy, both positive and negative during this time. By definition full moons occur when the opposing signs of the moon and the sun are directly opposite one another. The alignment of these two opposing signs creates a palpable energy that gives way to powerful transformation, acceptance and release. The full moon is a time of transformation and metamorphosis, an opportunity to not only create a clean slate, but also to map out future goals and desires.

Take it from someone who makes it their mission to cram as much as humanly possible into one 24 hour day, take a break from the hectic non-stop pace of life to look inward, to reflect and evaluate your current energy and emotional state. Do you like what you see? What you feel? We are often so busy taking in the energy of world around us that we forget to take in the energy of the world that lies within us. If nothing else, utilize this full moon as an excuse to make time for yourself and to reflect upon the vibes you emanate to the rest of the world. What kind of energy do you offer? Does your presence add warmth? Value?

In addition to personal reflection, goal and intention setting are excellent exercises upon a full moon. Goal setting can be a powerful practice in itself; yet combining this exercise with the influential energies of a full moon can intensify the practice yielding rewarding results. Take a few minutes to set some intentions. Write down your desires and dreams and envision yourself attaining them. Writing them down will hold you accountable and can serve as an inspirational reminder in times of unbalance or confusion. In addition to the physical act of writing, take a mental journey to achieving your goals and living your intentions and make note of the steps necessary to get there mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Above all else, full moons call for good vibes, good energies and positive spirits. The powerful energy and emotion around a full moon can rule you or reward you. When we allow ourselves to get distracted by petty issues brought on by intensified emotions we relinquish the ability to harness the full moon’s powers of positive change and transformation. Making the extra effort to maintain a balanced rhythm as the full moon approaches and staying in tune and aware of your inner world will help ensure that this full moon is set in your favor.

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