Owning It: Yoga Digest Podcast w/ Kerri Verna, a.k.a. @beachyogagirl

by Jenn Bodnar | February 2, 2017 5:42 pm

With nearly 1 million followers on Instagram, Kerri Verna, a.k.a., @beachyogagirl says she still sometimes feels like she is the underdog, an outsider and not part of the ‘popular crowd’ in the yoga community. In this episode of the Yoga Digest Podcast you will learn how she found yoga, what inspires her and how she handles “mean girls. ” She is happy and content that she has been able to bring yoga to so many through social media.   By teaming up with the right people, Kerri plans to expand her reach even more, taking her online connections to a whole new level!

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