Is Your Pregnancy making you anxious?

by Skila Ramirez | August 29, 2014 9:07 am

Baby is on the way!   At this very moment, you’re getting to know a new body, hormones are shifting, lifestyle adjustments have been made – goodbye double shot cafİ au lait and late night wine escapades with the girls.   Things are changing now, and change is in your future!   The journey of motherhood demands our full attention, but at the same time, we have the responsibility upon us to plan more for the future.   All this planning for the future can trigger an array of emotions on top of the already hormonal prego roller coaster.   Planning is an essential way to make us feel safe and secure, balancing Kapha (earth energy).   It is a form of preparedness.   During pregnancy, the preparations, skills & knowledge we acquire for the journey into motherhood offers confidence for the best possible outcome. However, we are not living in the moment when we are planning for the future.

During pregnancy, the most common emotional imbalance we may experience is Anxiety.   This is also relative to a disturbance in your Vata (air energy).   So, maybe you’re thinking, “I’m not anxious. I’m excited!   I can’t wait to see my little bug. ”   Excitement is a form of anxiety too as both emotions are relative to looking ahead, living in the future.   There is a simple breathing technique you can try to manage these emotions, and ultimately anchor your mind in the moment:   The Sinking Breath.

Try this technique anytime, sitting up or lying down.   Inhale down into the womb, up around the ribs, and across your heart.   Now, exhale like you are breathing out of a straw.   Purse the lips, and stretch out the exhale for as long as possible.   These longer exhales are used to manage all sorts of symptoms relative to busy or overactive energy in the mind.

And if you’re up for the fourth time to go pee, and can’t seem to get back to sleep, you can also use this technique to manage insomnia, another common symptom of excitement.

This is an exciting time, enjoy the ride and remember, pregnancy is the easy part!

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