The Human Existence and its Five Layers: Yoga and Hypnotherapy

by Sohail Ebady | January 8, 2017 11:04 pm

Yoga is not only limited to physical workout and meditation. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are yogic practices as well. Hypnosis connects the mind to the subconsciousness and is itself a state of natural, deep relaxation for the whole body.

Hypnotherapy makes use of this connection to the subconsciousness as a healing method. It is a technique developed thousands of years ago and has been made use of continuously since then. The patient is led through the process by a therapist, who offers therapeutic guidance according to specific needs of the patient. Self-hypnosis also makes use of said communication with the subconscious mind. Positive images, visualizations and suggestions are being created to activate our body´s self-healing powers.

The 5 Layers

Yogic scriptures tell us that all human beings live within five layers of existence.

The Physical Layer – Annamaya Kosa

This layer means our physical existence: our bodies. It means all the cells, structures and tissues that the human frame exists of.

Life Force (Prana Layer) – Pranayama Kosa

This layer contains the whole universe and therefore all things inside or outside of the human body. Prana flows harmoniously through all cells of our body and nourishes them. This flow awakens life. It flows through Nadis, channels that cover the whole body like a fine grate.

Mental Layer – Manomaya Kosa

Manomaya Kosa is responsible for our personality. Through it the mind functions as perception, memory and ego. This layer is more subtle than the ones mentioned above, but affects Pranayama Kosa and Annamaya Kosa drastically.

Wisdom, Knowledge, Intelligence, Intuition – Vijnanamaya Kosa

Vijnamaya Kosa influences our ability in decision making. It tells us to follow – or not follow – a course of action. Addictions, bad habits, suffering and other issues are thought to be a consequence of lacking knowledge, and therefore understanding is the foundation of this layer. It also helps Manomaya Kosa to master the basic instincts of life.

Bliss and Cosmic Consciousness – Anandamaya Kosa

Anandamaya Kosa is silence. It is harmony and a state of abundant health. It is said to be a void of any emotional state. The human mind can enter it only by having mastered all the layers above, since this one is the foundation and very subtle. Self-awareness and the willingness to improve oneself are requirements to be able to reach it. One can use the power of autosuggestions through self-hypnosis for this purpose.

Psychosomatic diseases and their roots in the mental layer

When we interact with the world our minds become continuously stimulated. This can lead to imbalances within the Manomaya Kosa, the mental layer, which are calles adhis. The common translation for this Sanscrit word is stress. When stress is not resolved and channeled(?) it can cause fluctuations and irritations in the flow of prana through the nadis. If it is irritated so much that it flows through wrong channels and shows dysfunctional rhythm it can affect Annamaya Kosa, which then results in suffering. This suffering is now commonly known as psychosomatic stress diseases.

A wholesome health with hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis

Bad habits are actions that have written themselves deep into the Manimaya Kosa. They are like deep rooted programs which can be so entrenched that not even meditation is practical any longer. These undesirable behaviours, thoughts, phobias or periodic reactions are a result of an inner conflict and can be very harmful to our health.

It is indeed very complex and hard to reprogram oneself in this state of ill-being, since asanas and meditation might not be sufficient. Mental agitation can be alleviated by techniques of positive imagination, contemplation and autosuggestions through self-hypnosis. This is why this yogic practices are important for the human´s overall health.

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