How does Journaling Bring Results?

by Jessica Caver Lindholm | January 31, 2021 4:31 pm

There is so much unbelievable power in journaling. It is one of the most overlooked and underused practices to create the life we desire right now. The problem is, most of us are terribly out of practice with tuning into our intuition. Like someone who has been sedentary for years and then suddenly decides to become a runner, it’s going to be difficult for the first couple of runs as your body strengthens the muscles required to be a runner. If you have continually been looking for answers outside of yourself for some time now and have completely disconnected from your own inner guidance system then it’s going to take a little practice to strengthen your inner trust “muscle ” as well.  Journaling can be used as a way to tap into our individual truth, our soul guidance, and even our subconscious. Journaling helps us to identify what our true desires are, which the majority of the population doesn’t actually know, and once we identify what we really desire then we can decide to have it and from there become unstoppable.


Your Imagination is Your Superpower

Our superpower as humans is found in our imagination, our creativity, and our ability to tell stories. This is something I have personally studied in my background in cultural anthropology and archaeology before becoming a master coach. There is so much interesting research around humans as storytellers and how we have used stories to shape our reality and experience throughout history.  The issue, however, is that in modern society we’re still telling stories, but we don’t realize we’re doing it. This lack of awareness results in us not realizing that the stories we’re telling can empower us or disempower us. Therefore people often end up telling disempowered stories as the narrative or script of their lives without even knowing it! This is where journaling can be incredibly powerful in breaking patterns of feeling not fulfilled in our lives. Journaling allows us to zoom out our perspective. Instead of being in our own “movie ” and feeling like a victim of the circumstances, we can instead shift into being both the director and star of our own life. Suddenly, you feel like you have your power back in every situation because you can get crystal clear on what you actually desire, what you’re available for, know who you really are, and be able to take aligned action anytime a situation or experience isn’t matching up to your vision. This is why journaling is so essential during any time in life, but especially now with so many opportunities to evolve our consciousness.

Start By Practicing Being the Version of You Who Has Everything

There are specific prompts we can use to get clear on what our true, most intimate desires are, steps to take to move us towards them right now, and to even identify anything that’s out of alignment in our lives so we can choose again. Get clear on what you want from life deep down in your soul. Each of us have completely unique desires and these are the divine roadmap to our destiny. These can be desires about our life, our business, our bodies, or our most intimate relationships. Once we identify the desire, we can focus on what it would feel like if that area of our lives was already exactly how we want it to be (this is where the imagination piece comes in). By exploring what emotions, feelings, and energies you would be feeling if you already had exactly what you desire, you then become an energetic match for what you want.

Prompts that Lead to Journaling Success


Here are some of the key practices and prompts that I have found to be so powerful when journaling:

  1. Get out of your head and into the feelings of what you really desire.

A lot of people talk about brain dumping, or just writing whatever pops up. However, I find it to be so much more helpful if you write down everything you desire as if it is already done.  

– Ask yourself questions in your journal like, “If I had complete permission to create and live the life I really desire, and knew with complete certainty that it would work, what would I now allow myself to want and create? “  

– Or if you’re feeling stuck in a situation you can ask yourself, “If I remove my emotions from this situation, what do I know is my next aligned action? ” Getting caught up in our emotions can cloud judgement. By removing our emotions around a situation (if only briefly) we often receive instant clarity around the next steps to take.

And then be open to what comes through. You might just be surprised by how brilliant your inner guidance system really is.

  1. Write out the belief systems youd love to have as a journal prompt. – For example, if you wish you felt more confident in a situation you could turn this desire into a journal prompt by making it a question like, “If I felt completely confident in this situation, what would I now do? “- Or one of my belief systems is that everything is always working out for me (even if I can’t currently see the whole picture of how it’s working out for me). So, I could turn that belief into a journal prompt by asking myself, “Since I truly believe everything is always working out for me, what’s the next step I know it’s now time to take? ”

    I use my belief systems to empower me. If your current belief systems aren’t particularly empowering, write prompts for yourself based on the belief systems you wish you did have to start practicing them. Once I become crystal clear on what I desire, even my desired belief systems, I can use it to shift how I feel, think, and act.

  2. Write your reality.

This is one of my absolute favorite practices and it’s so powerful for getting you into the energy, emotions, and feelings of having all that you desire now. How good would that feel?

– Write out your life as if it is already exactly what you want. Once I’ve taken some time and used the previous prompts to get clear on what I really desire, then I write it out as if it is already done and feel all the emotions, feelings, and energies of already having my desires.  

– I continue to come back to this practice over and over again. You could start your ‘Writing Your Reality’ practice with a prompt like, “I am so happy and grateful now that … ” and fill in what comes out next. It could be, “I am so happy and grateful now that my business is highly successful, that I reach thousands of soulmate clients on a daily basis, and that money comes into my business every single day. I’m so happy and grateful to naturally live in my ideal body with exceptional health, etc. “  

It’s less about the words and more about the emotions and feelings of it already being done. The more you practice how good it feels to already have all that you desire, the less available you’ll be for anything less.


Finally, remember that journaling can take any form you feel inspired for it to take. It can be a page, several pages, speaking it out loud to yourself, with a like-minded friend, or even having a great conversation with your own coach. More than anything it’s about uncovering what you really desire at a subconscious level and then embodying the emotional frequency of your deepest desires. From this space your thoughts, feelings, and actions will be naturally affected and impact your entire experience and reality. Don’t worry about getting it right, just focus on allowing your journaling to be a relationship with yourself and tuning into your highest energetic state.

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