Heal Back Pain With these 5 Simple Techniques

by Dr. Sinett | June 22, 2015 4:18 am

When we say someone “uptight, ” we are generally referring to their mood/personality, but did you know that their “type-A ” or high-strung personality may actually be a physiological response? Many people don’t realize that pain – especially back pain – may actually be the result of one’s stress and emotions.

Because human touch has an energy response, when we are stressed, the body and muscles tighten and get tense, which raises cortisol levels and inflammatory factors. Physically removing this tension not only allows the body/person to relax, but it can also help calm their emotions – thus helping relieve physical factors like back pain.

Back pain is not only caused by structural issues, but also nutrition and emotional factors people are dealing with. And while your stress may not change – due to your work or life situations – how your body responds to it can by addressing it and treating it in the right way.

Try these 5 simple stress-reducing techniques that produce natural endorphins people can easily do on their own such as:

1.             Get active – Exercise has been shown to be an effective anti-depressant, and even simply walking can be a great stress reducer

2.             Just Breathe – Practice a 15-second breathing technique done while sitting or lying down

3.             Talk to someone – Whether a counselor or psychologist, or even just a friend to help you gain perspective

4.             Tap away stress – Use Enerchi ® techniques such as an acupressure tapping technique

5.             Stay mentally positive – Read the “Ten Laws ” each morning to set your mind in the right place to start the day

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