Growth & Development Through Yoga

by Rene Hawthorne | July 2, 2017 12:17 pm

“Spiritual growth means the development of stronger attitudinal muscles. We exercise our mental and emotional muscles in the same way that we exercise our physical ones. Accumulated repetition of loving thoughts creates a stronger spiritual self.” ~Marianne Williamson

There are stages of growth and development in yoga as in photo processing, for instance. We as humans are constantly undergoing both negative and positive exposure in life. As we develop, we learn to act upon what we are exposed to – the longer the exposure the better results. Just like in our yoga practice, as compared to postures, we develop the ability to hold these postures while retaining composure and learn advancement through progressive stages. A yoga pose has two layers of meaning: physical and philosophical. We practice yoga to develop flexibility, strength, balance, and resilience in our bodies and our minds.

Clear perception and growing compassion for your self are keys to self acceptance – to see ourselves as we truly are. Through yoga, I found my way into a friendship with myself. By learning what my body felt like in certain poses, that skill began to show up in my everyday life. The more I knew about myself, the more I felt compassion through inner connection. This way we can learn to develop a healthier and more accurate view of ourselves.

In life we develop either a positive or a negative self-image. The strengths and weaknesses we learn as children are internalized and affect how we act as adults today. We continually take in information and evaluate ourselves. As you develop in the fullness of yoga life-style, you realize, in this moment you are enough, you know enough, you have enough[1]. You are a beautiful creation, a work in progress.

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