Break the Rules: Reminder to Self

by Laura Plumb | January 8, 2017 10:34 pm

You go through your life thinking you know the rules. You get good grades, you play the game, you make a living, you may even make a very good living, you look the part.

The world is full of happy people. They think you are happy, too. But you are not. Something is wrong, and it grates. You can’t figure it out, which makes it worse. You try to talk to someone about it. They tell you that your life is great, you have so much, you should be happy. You feel even worse.

You try Yoga. It makes you cry. You pour yourself a glass of wine. It tastes sour and doesn’t offer the solace of yesteryear. In fact, nothing seems to work. You sigh. You ask your best friend. You lie awake at night.

It gets worse. You begin to feel cold in your marrow. Your teeth taste like tin. At last you cry out, “What is Happening to Me? ”

You have two choices. Keep doing the same thing ~ looking around for answers to your questions, directions for your life, palliatives for your pain ~ and get the same results.

Or, surrender. Give up. Let go. Fall.

Arghhhhhhh….. Ahhhhhhh.
Suddenly, falling, you drop into the moment. You become suspended in existence. You find yourself beyond right and wrong, good/bad, pain or happiness. You simply feel yourself as an instrument of awareness. Aware of the birdsong, the wind’s dance, the whisper of trees blowing in the wind, the feel of the sun, the taste of a mango, the smell of orange blossom in spring, the waitfulness of a lizard, or the time-stopping saunter of a cat.

In the center of that steel cold cry of the night is your answer. Trust the unfolding. Tear open the chrysalis. Peel back the layers of hard crust you built against the world, and ultimately yourself. Throw away the rules and live beyond measure. Discard “the pursuit of happiness ” and become a creature of your own wild terrain.

When Yoga makes you cry, it is time to break the rules. Fall, and allow yourself to be received by a world suspended in time, where awareness itself, beyond notions of right-doing and wrong-doing, is freedom, free at last.

Yoga is that – the gift of awareness, the surrender into freedom.
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