Gifts Your Favorite Yogi Will Love!

Gifts Your Favorite Yogi Will Love!

Manduka was founded in 1997 with the simple idea that a better yoga mat could make a world of difference. Why do we love them?The brand’s name pays homage to the Mandukasana, a challenging, thought-provoking, and freeing pose that inspires joy, laughter, and simplicity. Their loyal community of teachers, yogis, and enthusiasts has been cultivated by the quality, intentionality, durability, and performance of their Mats and yoga accessories. Why you will love them? Their unparalleled craftsmanship and sustainability efforts remain celebrated widely in wellness communities throughout the world. From their teacher-recommended PRO Series Mat to their Free Online Yoga Classes, Manduka is on a mission to inspire daily practice in all its modern forms for those seeking connection to self and humbly works in service of the community. Check out some of our favorites that every yogi on your shopping list will absolutely love!

Manduka PRO

Yoga Mat

Discover the Manduka PRO Yoga Mat, the preferred choice of instructors worldwide. Crafted in Germany with precision and OEKO-TEX®️ certification, this mat offers superior support, joint protection, and stability with its ultra-dense, high-density cushioning. Its closed-cell material seals out moisture and bacteria, making it easy to clean and disinfect. Available in standard and extra-long sizes, it features a proprietary dot pattern to stay firmly in place and a textured top layer for smooth pose transitions. Plus, it’s latex-free and backed by a lifetime guarantee. Explore the unique Colorfields collection, each mat handmade and one-of-a-kind. Join us in celebrating 25 years with our 2023 Spring Limited Edition mats, available in beloved colors and featuring an homage to our original logo. Elevate your practice with the PRO Yoga Mat – designed for a lifetime of flow


Yoga Hand Towel

Introducing the eQua Yoga Hand Towel, your ultimate companion for staying dry during intense workouts or yoga sessions. This versatile hand towel is built to handle any practice or adventure, offering exceptional absorbency and quick drying capabilities. Measuring at 26.5″ x 16″, it’s suitable for face, body, and hands, perfect for light to medium perspiration. Crafted with tightly woven fibers, it provides a soft, suede-like feel and boasts split microfiber technology for optimized moisture absorption, evaporation, and wet-grip. Whether you’re hitting the gym or the yoga studio, keep your balance and stay dry with the eQua Yoga Hand Towel – designed for ultimate sweat absorption in any environment.


Superlite Travel Yoga Mat

Introducing the Manduka eKO Superlite Travel Yoga Mat, a naturally grippy and sustainably crafted mat that's designed for yogis on the move. Engineered with Catch-Grip™ technology and made from eco-friendly, sustainably harvested tree rubber, this 1.5mm thick mat boasts Manduka’s lightest design yet. The orange peel top surface provides superior traction, while its foldable and non-creasing nature ensures easy packing and travel for on-the-go. The mat is 99% latex-free and responsibly manufactured in an energy-efficient, earth-friendly facility. Packaged in recycled materials, the eKO Superlite aligns with vegan principles. Available in Standard (2 lbs., 71′ length) and Long (2.5 lbs., 79′ length) sizes, with a width of 24′ this mat is the perfect choice for yogis seeking a lightweight, travel-ready companion without compromising on sustainability or performance.


Recycled Foam Roller

The beLONG Recycled Foam Roller is your go-to solution for reducing tightness, lengthening muscles, and enhancing blood flow to facilitate optimal recovery. Crafted with a high-density, lightweight composition of 100% EVA foam (50-75% recycled), this roller is designed to target knots, stretch muscles, and promote overall body flexibility. The eco-friendly commitment extends to its recycled paper product packaging, aligning with vegan principles. The roller is a portable and effective tool for relieving muscle tension and aiding in quick recovery. Elevate your wellness routine with a sustainable and versatile foam roller, bringing you the benefits of recovery and flexibility in every session.

Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel

Non Slip Hot Yoga Towel

Say hello to the yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel – the original high-performance yoga towel trusted globally by instructors and seasoned yogis alike. Renowned for its superior grip and zero-slip ride, this ultra-absorbent towel is individually crafted with vibrant designs to complement your practice, whether you’re on the beach, in a hot yoga studio, or beyond. Constructed from recycled plastic bottles, yogitoes not only enhances your practice but does so sustainably. Featuring Skidless Technology with 100% silicone nubs for stability on any surface, this lightweight and quick-drying towel is both soft and hygienic. With yogitoes, you’re always ensured durability and a vegan-friendly approach, while being free of AZO, lead, and heavy metals. Available in Standard (1 lb., 71” length), Long (1.6 lbs., 79′ length), and Hand (0.5 lb., 16′ length) sizes, with a width of 24 inches.

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