6 Yogic Lifestyle Tips for College Students

by Yoga Digest | September 25, 2020 9:44 pm

Yoga has come to be accepted as a healthy lifestyle choice by millions of people all over the Globe. In  the U.S alone, there are more than 20 million Americans who practice yoga. Yoga is more than just  breathing and exercise. It is a lifestyle from which many students can benefit. A Yogic lifestyle follows  various choices throughout the day that are supposed to provide harmony between a person’s mind,  spirit, and body

A Yogic lifestyle entails various components, such as:

ï‚· How you eat
ï‚· How you carry yourself
ï‚· Meditating
ï‚· Positive thinking
ï‚· Relaxation
ï‚· Music

As a student, various components of your life could be improved by embracing a yogic lifestyle. For a  collegian, it might be challenging to adopt or embrace all the elements of yogic culture. It is because  college involves many distractions, and one is likely to be in a constant rush against time.

So, in a practical sense, you are free to adopt some of the ways of the Yogic life. It is more of a take what  you need or what you can apply to your life. So, in such a case, we have compiled a list of yogic lifestyle  changes that might benefit college students in their everyday lives and even during exam periods.

Healthy Eating

Traditionally, yoga advocates for individuals to adopt a mostly vegetarian or vegan diet. These include  whole grains, fruits, legumes, and controlled amounts of dairy. However, it is one of the compromises  you don’t need to make.

The main thing is to reduce the amount of animal proteins. The diet recommends that students eat  mostly organic foods over processed alternatives. As a student, you are encouraged to cook for yourself  as compared to ordering fast foods. Control your portions and avoid overeating to avoid lethargy.

Finally, you also need to establish healthy eating times.

Drink Water

Drinking enough water during the day is often taken lightly, but it has many . It is  recommended that in a day you drink 8 cups of water a day. Find a way to carry some water to make it  available to you when you need it during the day.

Sleep Early to Get Up Early

As a student, your life will likely be filled with days where you have to wake up early to study or even  complete some work. Sometimes, college involves excess workload, which explains why one might  choose to papers. Collegians will often have to work late at night or early morning to cope  with their tasks and study for their exams.

A yogic lifestyle recommends that a student get up early in the morning but also sleep early. The main  idea is a student getting adequate sleep. Students should try and get at least between 6 and 8 hours of  sleep daily. It is important to be well-rested, and sleep allows your body to rejuvenate, meaning you will  be more active the next day.

Healthy Routines

College is recognized as one of the periods where students have the freedom to party and experience  new horizons with their peers. While it is not wrong, a yogic lifestyle will require you to cut back on the  parties and the drinking or any other form of intoxication. Instead, you can spend time doing your yoga  exercises. Keep a company that’s healthy and suits your lifestyle.

Take a Break from Social Media

Social media can be distracting. The fact that you can get distracted at any point in time, even during  classes, means that it needs to be controlled. Learn to switch off your phone during classes when  studying and even when sleeping. Apart from having the capability to , social  media is known to keep individuals up late at night, and hence it has to be controlled. Respect your time  for studies and time to sleep.

Create and Follow a Timetable

Organize your time. As a collegian, time is one resource you don’t want to waste. Much time is wasted  because students do not plan for it. Create a timetable that works for you and follow it. Include even  your rest periods and frequently assess it to confirm you have been on the right track

Final Thoughts

A yogic life is quite healthy for a student. However, it does not mean that you should cut off everythingvthat does not apply within its parameters. Learn to find reasonable compromises and create a lifestyle  that works for you. It has to be a decision you make willingly if you are going to stick to it for the long  term.


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