3 Ways to Move Forward Peacefully with Change

by Kali Bliss | October 6, 2016 2:22 pm

Change is necessary to evolve. Yet, allowing change is usually incredibly difficult.   As humans, we are not   taught how to cope with transition and embrace change naturally. There is something in our humanness that wants to stay comfortable, stay in the mundane everyday routine, and continue living as we are. We hold onto jobs, people, relationships, and silly ideas in comfort. Even when our head and our heart know there is a better way, often, it takes immense courage to step forward in a new direction.We know change is inevitable, yet we fight it, resist it, and in a lifetime eventually learn to embrace it. It’s ironic though, because as scary as it is to let go, from a Yogic and soul perspective, staying as you are usually keeps you from getting what you actually want or where you want to be.

Our souls are born to expand and grow. It is our purpose in life to try new things, meet new people, have many relationships, and endlessly explore life as the fun journey it is meant to be. Nothing in nature stays the same, and we as humans constantly shift as well. Just like trees lose leaves, we too must learn to let go and shed what no longer works for us, so we can grow into better people, and toward bigger opportunities. Often this does mean saying good bye to soulmates, or distancing yourself from friends, or heading in a new direction that may leave you temporarily lonely. It is in stepping through what is comfortable you allow yourself freedom to confront fear, and become more secure in your own true self.

Lessons in embracing change easily:
1. Let go of   your idea of how things should be.

Things rarely work out the way you want them to be. Let’s face it, we all can go for goals, and work towards what we want. Life rarely happens as we plan though. When we stress, analyze, and seek how to make things happen, we cause more anxiety in figuring out the next step and how. Usually, things randomly seem to come together when we least expect and when we stop searching. We never know what we will get, how things will happen, or the exact timing of everything. Drop your perfect idea about the future, and quit worrying whether things will work out. They always do, in time!

2. Surrender to everything you cannot control.

It is our human instinct to fight and resist change. You are allowed to get mad, ask questions, and take some time to grieve over situations and how things happen. Hold no shame when chaos gets tough, and life seems empty because you don’t know where to go. It is in the transition that we learn to gain our own inner grit and develop inner strength. Usually the biggest mistakes, failures, and hardest circumstances are what later end up being massive blessings. It is in those bomb shell moments, when your heart is torn, your emotions are activated, and your mind gets stressed, where we learn the most. The only thing we can control is how we show up, choose to live our life, react, and learn to cope with the everyday events.

3. Trust in the unknown to lead you somewhere better.

Life is easier when we instill faith. The universe helps steer us on course always. Often it will cause sudden dramatic shifts, that become life lessons and new doors we are offered to step through. The more we grip onto the old, the less we can forge a new opportunity for ourselves. Things will fall apart. Because we all have to learn how to live for ourselves and make decisions that truly satisfy our soul, our heart, and our own desires. The more we cling to comfort, those jobs, titles, friends, and how others believe we should be living, the less we are able to take a stand with what will really serve us. Let life help flow to create everything you desire, by trusting where you are being guided to go.

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