10 Ways to Celebrate National Meditation Month

by Victor Parachin | May 3, 2015 12:29 am

May has been designated National Meditation Month.

If you’ve been wanting to meditate or if you’ve had a desire to do more meditation, this is the month to start. Here are 10 ways of celebrating National Meditation Month:

1. Take in a meditation retreat.

2. Sign up for a ‘Learn to Meditate’ class.

3. Read a book about meditation.

4. Meet with a meditation group

5. Gift yourself with some private meditation instruction.

6. Commit to a regular practice in May – –

once a week, twice a week, daily – decide and then do it.

7. Teach a novice how to meditate.

8. Try a different style –

Buddhist or Hindu or Zen or chanting or mantra.

9. Get outside. Be one with nature by not bringing any technology including your phone and . Meditate in nature –

a park, a beach, a forest, a field.

10. Learn the history of meditation.

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