Yet Another Reason To Love Spirulina

Yet Another Reason To Love Spirulina

Here is one more reason to include the amazing superfood of Spirulina in your life! A recent study published in the March-April 2014 issue of the Annals of Hepatology, shows Spirulina aids in preventing pancreatic cancer. Being a superfood, it contains a number of bioactive compounds that can help hinder this extremely destructive form of cancer.

Widely gaining popularity, spirulina is one of the purest forms of food on the planet. If you have looked at ingredient labels as of late, this superfood is repeatedly appearing on more natural foods and beverages, such as green foods and drinks, energy bars, and oral supplements.

Spirulina packs an amazing 70% protein by weight, better than any form of meat or dairy product. Furthermore, its protein is biologically complete, meaning it contains all of the essential amino acids needed for human health.

This superfood is one of the most widely studied foods on the planet. In fact, studies in the last decade alone have shown that the regular consumption of spirulina can enhance brain function, improve white blood cell count, stimulate antibodies, boost liver health and much more. It can also help remedy almost any nutrient deficiency due to its incomparable concentrations of vitamins and minerals.

Choosing a Spirulina Supplement
The source of the product is essential to getting the full benefits. It is important to understand spirulina needs to be sourced with caution. Like chlorella, spirulina is a freshwater sponge that absorbs everything in its nearby environment. Therefore, it’s important that your spirulina is obtained from a clean and trusted source. As a general rule, spirulina from the United States (especially Hawaii) and Europe tends to be cleaner than spirulina from Asia, while spirulina from China remains the most contaminated.

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