Why Everyone Can & Should Do Yoga

Why Everyone Can & Should Do Yoga

Let’s be honest, either you’ve been asked to try yoga or you’ve been curious if it is for you.  Us Yogi’s hear it ALL the excuses in existence when talking to people about how beneficial yoga is to us:
“I’m not flexible enough for yoga”
“I can’t do what you can do”
“My body can’t bend like that”
“I don’t like to sweat”
“I’m to busy”

…the list goes on.  However, yoga IS for EVERYBODY and EVERYBODY CAN do yoga!

Here are 5 reasons why everyone can and should do yoga:

1) Everyone Starts Somewhere
Outsiders have a perception that yoga is a competition that only yogi’s can do yoga.  Fact is, we all started in a whole different body and mindset before our yoga journey began.  If you can’t touch your toes, observe it as a starting point to your yoga journey and be mindful and rewarding as your practice progresses.

2) You Can Do Yoga Anywhere
Yoga practice does not need to be done in a studio with a group of people.  You can do yoga anywhere at anytime…even in a business suit!   Take a meditative lunch break or do some sun salutations while in the parking lot.  No matter where you are, you can do yoga!

3) It’s Okay to Have Fun
Yoga is not a competition, it is whatever you want it to be!  Laugh at yourself and show appreciation for your journey and progress.  You will fall and there will be times when you walk out of the studio sarcastically thanking yourself for choosing yoga instead of meeting friends for a night out.  Have fun and take time to smile!

4) If You Can Breathe, You Can Do Yoga
A part of yoga is taking your life distractions and tuning them out by bringing focus to the present.  The easiest way to do this is to focus on your breath.  Breathing exercises are a great way to turn the monkey mind off and find your present being.  Take 5 minutes a day to do pranayana breathing and observe how much calmer and unreactive you feel.  It’s amazing therapy for your mind!

5) Yoga is for EVERYONE
No matter what phase of your life you are in, yoga is for everyone.  Whether you are on cloud nine or having the worst week of your life, yoga will bring balance into whatever your current status may be.  So much can come out of starting a yoga practice whether at a studio or in your own backyard.  Yoga is a non-judgmental practice that anyone can do!  Even if you do not like studios, explore a private session, buy a home DVD or just YouTube some sequences.

WARNING: Yoga can become very fun and addictive!  So, have fun, observe your body and do yoga!

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Cody is the Co-Founder & Publisher of Yoga Digest. Having his college basketball career cut short by a back injury, Cody opted for power yoga over surgery and medication. Fast forward a handful of years, the yoga journey combined with mindful eating habits has alleviated his back injury and done so much more for his mind and body. He is a avid advocate of self education and alternative health. Looking forward, Cody hopes to inspire people with his yoga story and educate the world how to become a happier and healthier generation. Connect with Cody on Linkedin.