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Angel Holba

Angel is the founder of Provoke Life Inc., and self proclaimed philanthropist, perpetual instigator of thought and imagination. A Pranalife Yoga Certified Instructor, with a passion for helping others. Having been diagnosed with Fibromyagia, Elhers-Danos Syndrome, and dealing with chronic pain for several years now, she has a unique perspective on how sensitive the movement learning experience can be. Her wish is to help others in their quest for well being and relief from pain.

A Picture Perfect Yoga Lesson: The 8 Limbs

Forget what you think you know about yoga for a moment, and just consider that there maybe is a different perspective. The words you are about to read are true, I know this because I lived them. Life is perspective, but yoga is everywhere.

Oh No! Not Another Yoga Teacher!

I have joined this guild yoga teachers teacher of those who wish to help others find an inner self-awareness that guides them to an indi-vidual whole body wellness.