7 Surprising Ways to Cut Calories without Hitting the Gym

7 Surprising Ways to Cut Calories without Hitting the Gym

There are a number of ways you can significantly cut calories without taking a single step inside a gym. While they are not as effective as high-intensity interval training inside a gym, they are definitely worth looking into.

Option 1 – Get a Fitbit


A Fitbit is a brilliant piece of technology which will motivate you to walk more. Make sure to choose the right shoe like the good crossfit shoes to get full benefits of your walking or running practice because wrong shoes might hurt your legs. You can engage in competitions with your friends as to who is going to walk the most. When fun is combined with work the results are often very rewarding.  You can access online how much walking you actually do, how many calories burned etc. It can also inform you with regard to how little exercise you actually do. An interesting combination of technology and fitness that will have you burning more calories without a visit to the gym.

Option 2 – Diet

You can cut the vast majority of calories without going to a gym simply by dieting. If you incorporate enough fruits and vegetables and cut out processed foods and sugar, you will cut calories. It actually takes a considerable amount of energy just to think, read, breathe, walk and sleep. Thus if you cut back on the starches, sugars and garbage food and increase vegetables and fruits you can only cut calories. It does take commitment and time to see significant results with this method.

Option 3 – Juice fast

A 3 day Juice cleanse can do wonders for your body and waistline. A juice fast involves “eating” only smoothies for Three days. The result is that you are practically getting an IV of nutrients as they are absorbed easily into your body. You will also shed toxins through this method. When the body has enough energy available it starts to focus on shedding toxins that have been in the body for a long time.   

Option 4 – Create your own gym

Converting your garage into a gym can result in a significant increase in the number of calories burned. This is because you will be more motivated to go to the gym if it is just outside the door as opposed to having to travel a long distance.The website like garagegymplanner.com will show you how to setup your home gym. All you need is the equipment and some free space, along with some elbow grease to get the ball rolling. There is good information online as to how to setup your very own personal gym.

Option 5 – Workout at home

Even without creating your own gym space, there is still the option to work out at home. All you need is to go outside and purchase some equipment. A considerable amount of exercise can be done with a set of kettlebells and a mat. Most of the major exercises can be completed with a simple barbell and weights. It is also better to do it freestyle by yourself. Or you can simply do a lighter cardio routine incorporating a skipping rope and chinning bar along with some light core exercises. There really is no inherent reason to go to the gym to complete a workout. All you need is some space, weights and some motivation.

Option 6 – Eat high protein, high fiber breakfast

Many studies have shown that if you eat a high protein, high fiber breakfast you will cut more calories. This is because it will keep you full for longer and you will be less hungry throughout the day.  Numerous studies have shown that eating breakfast results in more weight lost as opposed to not eating anything at all. A high protein breakfast includes scrambled eggs or yogurt with fruit and nuts.

Option 7 – Get a vibration plate

This is a real trick for those with less motivation to workout. A vibration plate is something that is stood upon which makes the body vibrate. And when the body vibrates it actually loses weight. So you could purchase one of these for work and burn calories while collecting an income. Perhaps the ultimate multitasking hack combining work with health. The oscillating motion is set to provide a workout to all of the muscles. The idea behind vibration plates is that you can tone and enhance the muscles by the simple act of vibration. Vibration plates are not typically aerobic but are used to enhance muscle tone. Thus they do serve to burn some calories, but not a huge amount. Studies show that they do work, but are trickier to manage. It does feel like something of a workout, which might be difficult if you work in an office, but is a good option if you sit at home on a computer.

These 7 surprising ways to cut calories can all be done from home without spending money or effort in a gym. Better yet they can even be used in conjunction with a gym for maximum results ensuring weight loss is achieved.